Laminate Countertops

We are a wholesale manufacturer of laminate countertops specializing in square edge, bevel edge and postform , using Formica or Wilsonart Laminates .

  Square Edge

Square Edge , also

called self-edge , is the

most commonly

purchased countertop

we offer. This edge is

recommended for any

and all applications.






  Beveled Edge


     Beveled edge countertops

     are made by hand right in

     our shop. The beveled  edge

     is a more decorative edge

     designed to eliminate the

     black line where the laminate

     is joined , which makes the

     countertop resemble granite

     or solid surface ..







Postform has 10 unique profiles to choose from . The

featured advantage of postform is the seamless

backsplash. This particular type of countertop is

recommended for galley applications..

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